How Lebron James Changes the Cleveland Cavaliers

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Well, here we are, Lebron James is a Cleveland Cavalier. Since last Friday’s news, my mind has been racing through all of the angles to talk about Lebron’s return and what it means for the team. Sorry it took me so long to focus and digest my own thoughts before sharing with you, without further adieu my thoughts on how Lebron James changes the Cleveland Cavaliers: (more…)

The Difference

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What a difference five years can make. The difference isn’t just in time, but what the time brings;  life lessons, maturity, and the normal highs and lows of life’s roller coaster. In short, five years gives you experience.

Five years ago the Cleveland Cavaliers headed into free agency determined to get LeBron James a better supporting cast. The Cavs had already been to the finals, only to get blownout in four games by the San Antonio Spurs. Since then, the Cavs had failed to make it back to the finals. And they were desperate to get James a championship to entice him into a max contract that offseason. (more…)

Weekly PiECes 8.0

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Hello Cleveland!! It’s been some time since I last chimed in, but what a week, eh? Weekly PiECes 8.0 is going to run the gambit, but The Return of The King has me gushing #Cavs. Here we go… (more…)

The Return of LeBron James

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As Cleveland celebrates the return of LeBron James the Diehard Nerd staff got together to answer some questions about what it means for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Joining me are Chris (@chrswlsn), EC(@ECMercer2), Ed (@augustduke), and David (@davidlburkart) give them a follower on twitter. Without further ado… here’s our thoughts on the LeBron James and the Cavs. (more…)

Rumors and Speculation

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The Cleveland Cavaliers somehow won the number 1 overall pick again, which has to go against all odds. And just when I convinced myself that Joel Embiid was exactly what this franchise needed, a broken bone is discovered in his foot. And then LeBron James goes and ops out of his contract two days before the NBA draft. That combined with the rumors and speculation can be exciting, and at the same time annoying. (more…)

The #1 Pick and Kyrie Irving

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A few weeks ago, Cavs Nation was wildly celebrating the Cavs winning the #1 pick in what may be the best draft since 2004. But, as we’ve seen with recent #1 picks, the expectations are large, but the results can sometimes be lacking (Anthony Bennett). While Bennett made strides near the end of this rookie year, he was not nearly the immediate impact player many Cavs fans hoped for when his name was announced at last year’s draft. (more…)

Browns Quarterbacks Drafted 22nd Overall

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Now that the dust from draft day settled, I couldn’t help but notice that the Browns’ newest toy at QB comes to the team in a similar capacity as some other recent QB’s. For the third time in a decade, the Browns traded for the 22nd pick in the draft and selected a QB, immediately grouping Johnny Manziel with Brady Quinn and Brandon Weeden in draft history. Fear not Browns fans, I’m confident this is the last time we’ll be putting these 3 names in the same sentence for comparison purposes. (more…)

Wide Receivers Past and Present

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With all of the attention on rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel and the continuing off-field problems of Josh Gordon, I decided to take a look at the wide receivers, past and present so to speak, for a bit of a distraction. A little comparison of the group from last year and the veterans the Browns brought in this year. (more…)

Work to be Done

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Tonight, the Cleveland Cavaliers should be happy. They won the NBA’s draft lottery for the second straight year and have a chance to use that pick to get a player who can make an immediate impact. But, tomorrow morning there is much work to be done. (more…)